7 One of a Kind Las Vegas Attractions for Solo Female Travelers

Las Vegas is all about the fancy-ass clubs, exclusive pool parties, gambling, smoking, and drinking, right? So what is a solo female traveler to do when she is not into any of those things? (To clarify: THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!) I scouted around for the most unique Las Vegas attractions for solo female travelers. Trying to find the best spots felt like being a mole rat digging for roots, but here is what I found.Female Solo Travel Las Vegas

1) The Grand Canal Shoppes – A Great Place to Get Lost

The keyword here is “Shoppes,” so grab a map and shop until you drop. This is also the place where you could get your full Venice experience, riding on a gondola with your loved ones. But if you don’t have your loved one with you, (like me,) you can always stop by at the Carlo’s Bakery and make out with a lobster tail.

Kissing a lobster tail from Carlos Bakery in Las Vegas

Lobster tail is a French quason filled with light cream and topped with powered sugar. The hard quason shell makes it feel like you are cracking down a lobster.

Gondola on the Grand Canal Shoppes - unique Las Vegas attractions

Discuss all you want, you are not getting my cheesecake.

2) Speaking of Carlo’s Bakery (and Everything Food Related)

I have been following the show Cake Boss since I was 15. It has been a dream of mine to see those mesmerizing multi-tier cakes and carefully decorated baked goods. Since New York is a place I don’t visit often, however, I thought the dream was just a dream…

Carlos Bake ShopUntil one day, I was walking along the streets of the Palazzo shopping square, looked up, and saw a Carlo’s Bakery sign. Speaking of unique Las Vegas attractions, this one was entirely unexpected!

Selfie outside of Carlo's Bake Shop in Las Vegas
I squealed...

The goods were a bit on the pricier side, so I couldn’t buy the whole store. I limited myself to the signature goods: Lobster Tail, Cream Puff, Strawberry Cheesecake, and a Cannoli. I wished the packaging could be more organized so you could see these delightful treats.

Pastries from Carlo's Bakery

Xie eating pastries from Carlo's Bakery

When there is delicious cream left on the wrapping paper, and you have no shame in public.

If you are a fan of the show, you know the feel. If you have not heard of the show, get on this thrilling cake decoration ride. Let’s be real, we all want to be that Cake Boss.


Some of the best unique Las Vegas attractions are its world famous buffets. Since I hadn’t had a decent, not from a bag kind of meal, I was excited to dive face first into the buffet tables. Best part about buffet dining as a solo female traveler in Las Vegas? There’s no one telling me to slow down and stop eating, so I can stuff myself as much as I want!

Since I had limited time in Las Vegas, I had to carefully pick my buffet selections in order to get the  best varieties but also have room for occasional walking snacks (like the pastries from Carlo’s!). Here are the Las Vegas buffets I chose:

Brunch is usually the cheapest option for a buffet, with most being under $30 if you don’t order drinks. Sometimes they have early bird brunch from 7:00-10:00am, which can be under $26 with no drinks. Dinner buffets are usually between $50 -$60.

Before I entered the Las Vegas buffet scene, I was very confident about my ability to eat my money’s worth. But as soon I started consuming my 3rd plate at the first dinner place (Wicked Spoon), I realized I was no longer buffet material. I am no longer a teenager with a metabolism suited for hibernation. As a result, I was not able to test out different buffets in Vegas to provide you with a comparison; physically I could not handle the task.
Wicked Spoon buffet in Las Vegas

I tried over 100 selections of food, but these 3 were my favorite. The salmon is fresh and soft, cooked to perfection. Some of the dishes had too much sauce (exhibit #2: the cauliflower), which can make you feel very full and oily without eating a lot (but it was still tasty). The dessert is diverse: from candy to baked goods to ice cream. The macaroons will bring you to tears. Check out this Buzzfeed Worth It review on the Wicked Spoon. I agree–totally worth it.

Eating a strawberry at the Wicked Spoon

I like to eat at buffets alone because nobody is going to sit next me and say Broah! How are you still eating?

4) Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck 

I was cruising along the streets of Fremont (the old Vegas), when I saw a bunch of people with cameras gathered at a street corner. Being as nosy as I am, I decided to park and get in on the festivities. That special day was the grand opening of the Cousins Main Lobster truck.

If you look close enough into the picture and beyond the lobster tater tots, you will see a woman on the far right wearing white. That’s Barbara Corcoran, who you may recognize from Shark Tank. Cousins Maine Lobster is a success story from the show. Therefore as a consumer, I decided to try it out. Their famous dish is the lobster roll ($16), but I went for the lobster tater tots, which were only $13. You definitely get big chunks of lobster and not an overwhelming amount of tater tots. It has a sour and savory flavor.

Lobster tater totsGrand opening of Cousins Maine Lobster Truck - unique Las Vegas attractions

5) Make Customized M&Ms

3 years ago I made a jar of M&Ms in Las Vegas to remember my 21st birthday. I saved them as souvenirs, but now they taste like dust. So when I went back to Vegas three years later, I decided it was time to make new souvenirs.

Customized M&M machine - unique Las Vegas attractions

On the 3rd floor of M&M World lies a magical place, one of the best unique Last Vegas attractions–machines that make personalized M&Ms! At the design station, you create a customized print for your M&Ms using up to 4 designs of 15 characters each. Next, you choose your M&M colors and the size of container you want (prices start at $19.99). Lastly, deposit you M&Ms and let the magic happens.

Interior of M&M WorldWall of M&Ms in all colors

6) See a Cirque du Soleil Show

I first heard about Cirque du Soleil during my SAT preparation, because oddly enough they were a great example for topics like thinking outside the box, blue ocean strategies, creativity, and innovation. Then three years ago while celebrating my birthday, I got the chance to see my very first show in Vegas –The Beatles LOVE. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

Image result for cirque du soleil las vegas

Two years ago, I saw them again in Seattle for Kurios. This year I picked KA. This show is tied together with a story about twins sharing a journey to fulfill their destiny. Just like all Cirque du Soleil’s shows, this one has humor, action, and fireworks. You can see lots of influences from Chinese Opera on costumes and make up designs. Stage props have a bit of Chris Angel’s dark magic influence. I highly recommend this show, and all Cirque du Soleil shows, as unique Las Vegas attractions for the next time you’re traveling there solo!

7) Participate in CBS’s TV Show Research and Maybe Get Paid

Honestly, this is one of the best unique Las Vegas attractions, and MGM should advertise it more. Inside MGM is Television City (part of CBS). Besides buying merchandise for CBS shows, you can participate in show research and possibility get paid for attending a focus group.

MGM Television City

You get to see how TV researchers craft their research questions–how often you watch TV, on what devices, what shows do you like (not just CBS shows), during what time frame do you watch TV, etc.
Everyday the research sessions feature a different show. These shows are ready to be aired, but the creators need opinions from the viewers. All the survey info is sent to CBS researchers, who use it to analyze how well the show will do. Everyday there is a focus group. During this group, you can share opinions about the show you just watched. After that you get paid $50.

HOWEVER!! I said you may be able to get paid, here is why.

The way they lure you in to watching the show is by telling you “you can get paid to share your opinions.” However, after you watch the show, they will tell you whether or not you are qualified. What qualifies you to share your opinions? They won’t say.

I did not qualify for the focus group and wasn’t told exactly why, but based on what I heard, it was because I gave the show too low of a rating (2.5). I didn’t like the show because I was not interested in the content and genre. It is possible that when you send in your info, they disqualify you if they realize you are not the demographic they are looking for.

If you have spare time hanging around Vegas, this would be a great place to check out an un-aired show, maybe get paid, and see how the entertainment industry researches TV.

Hope you get a chance to try out some of these attractions. Next, let’s dig into: