Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel to Las Vegas

What is that smell? Cigarette smoke, energy drinks, a collection of branded and cheap perfumes it smells like I am in Vegas! I passed by the city on my way to Great Basin National Park. Even though I had been here three years before, I was reluctant to visit by myself, because “solo female travel to Las Vegas” sounds like an odd sentence. Is Vegas solo travel friendly, especially as a woman? Since Cirque du Soleil was calling my name, I decided to put Vegas to the test. 

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Me and Frenchie take on Vegas

Before I got to Vegas, I had this impression that everyone is hunting for something. The people will spot the weakest tourist and take her out (think The Godfather). I imagined streets filled with drunks, depressed and angry people who just lost their houses to gambling. But after experiencing solo female travel to Las Vegas for myself, I have say there is nothing to be afraid of. Just in case you are worried, here are some great safety tips for your Vegas trip:

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel to Las Vegas
1. Dress as shitty as you can
This rule pretty much applies to travel in general. Don’t take your Chanel bag or Louis Vuitton bracelet; don’t wear a dress that makes it look like your boobs are about to flip out at anytime. A tank-top, comfy shorts, and flip flops or sneakers. Any comfortable outfits, perfecto!
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2. Pretend you know other people
Sometimes when I walk on the street, I would just pretend I am walking with the group in front of or behind me, like I know them but I am just that slow friend. I used this safety tip especially at night, walking to the parking lot, or whenever I felt like I might have been compromised or targeted
3. Dark shades
Besides protecting your eyes from the blinding hot sun, you can use dark shades while trying to find directions without making it so obvious that you are lost.

Safety Tips for Women Walking Around Las Vegas At Night
1. Invisible money belt
I wear this money belt underneath my clothes and use it to protect my credit cards and ID. I still carry a small purse, with pepper spray and a knife for easy access, but if worst comes to worst, I know the essentials are safe.

2. VEGAS Parking Lots
THIS IS THE MOST USEFUL LINK I HAVE FOUND for VEGAS! This website provides you the price of all the major parking garages in Vegas. Some are free and some are not. It is good to know before driving into the parking lot and realized you have to pay for it. It’s also helpful for finding safe places to park in the city, especially if you know you will be walking back to your car late at night

Las Vegas Driving Tips
If you are driving around in Vegas, just so you are aware – take care of your tires. Vegas has this thing called HEAT! The roads are all heated up during the hottest parts of the day and tires can easily blow out. As you can tell, this happened to my car. I would advise you to drive before 9AM or after 3PM in Vegas, have a spare tire with you, and learn how to change your tire before your trip.
There are a few 24 hours tire shops listed on Yelp, but that is not always accurate. Call ahead and check the price as well.

Now you are armed with safety tips for solo female travel to Las Vegas. Next I will share with you my favorite FREE things to do in Vegas!