My Top 10 Solo Traveling Highlights

Welcome back to Where’s Xinderella! As you might have wondered lately, or maybe not, where was Xinderella?

With the website re-launching, I want to tell you a bit more about what I have been doing for the past 2 years of solo traveling.

These highlights are just conversation starters. What I really want is to tell you more about the stories behind all the cool shits I have done. I want to help you plan these trips so you can do cool shits as well.

So here we go, my secret life of traveling…

1. Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawaii – I wanted to leave Seattle and travel to somewhere far. I guess Hawaii was considered far for me at the time. I found a job on WorkAway for a coffee farm on the Big Island. I worked in the farm with machete and fertilizer, cooked (editable food I may add) at the local farmers’ market, hang around with adorable cats, and hitchhiked around Hawaii. This trip is the kind of memory I get to remember from time to time. It felt like the hair in the wind kind of freedom and say “oh youth.

2. Saw My First Milkyway – Completely under-packed, I snuggled in my rental car to wait for sunrise at Haleakalā National Park, Maui, Hawaii. At 3 am in the morning, I drove up to the top observation deck. The moment I looked up, I have never seen this many stars above me. The air was crisply cold, and the clearest milky way was just right in front of me. That was my first, and you never forget your first.

3. 31 National Park in America in 1 year – I always had a fear of heights. Based on some well-researched psychology papers, in order to conquer fear is to face your fear. For a whole year, I solo road tripped across America to visit 59 national parks. So far I have visited 31/59 parks. The goal is to catch em all and immerse in America’s beauty.

4. Worked at a Cattle Farm in Australia – My family has a small sustainable cattle farm in Australia. I had the fortunate opportunity to befriend (more like a sister) an orphan Braford breed heifer. My job was to feed the bebe, play with the bebe, and shovel cattle’s shit.

5. Snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef – Checking off that bucket list! I was afraid to dive but snorkeling was just as fun. I saw sharks, turtles, and mermaid, oh I meant meeeee!!!

6. Paraglide in Switzerland – When I turned 25 I wanted to do a skydive. However, in Seattle, winter skydive was not a thing. Well, I guess good thing do come to those who wait. At 26, I got to do paragliding in Switzerland. Although I lost feelings in my face, hands, and nostrils, this adventure was worth the pain.

7. Climbed into the Pyramid of Giza – A dream of mine since when I was a child. I wanted to discover the mysterious Egypt, walk into the Pyramid and learn about the colorful history. This one was definitely a check off on the bucket list.

8. Walked Through Petra – First of all, when I say walked I really walked. I am talking 8 miles within 5 hours. Every single painful step was worth the view and the history of this “Rose City”

9. Swam in the Dead Sea – Got to see the lowest level on this planet. Floated and scrubbed in this light turquoise water. Got super allergic to the salt water. More stories to come.

10. Sharing meals with different cultures – 80% of the reason why I travel is FOOD, and I believe sharing a meal can bring cultures together. In the past 2 years, I had the fortunate opportunities to dine with a Native American tribe, a Danish family, American Samoa hosts, a Nubian village, and countless travelers I got the chance to meet. Although my stomach seems can never get full, my mind was fulfilled with amazing stories to share.

I am excited to bring Where’s Xinderella back to your leisure reading list. I can’t wait to grow this website with helpful contents for your upcoming adventures!

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!