Free Things To Do in Las Vegas Any Time of Year

Going to Vegas means you just got a bonus from work for those extra long hours, and decided to happily drop those dollar bills into a gold toilet. Bluntly speaking, Las Vegas is expensive. To help balance out those expensive bills, here are top FREE things to do in Las Vegas any time of year.

Where Do Locals Hang Out in Vegas?

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The Park Vegas

Located between the T-Mobile Arena, Monte Carlo and New York-New York Resorts, The Park Vegas is the new dining and entertainment destination. It is the perfect place for a date night, a mellow girls night out, or a family photo-op by hanging out by the 40-foot tall sculpture. Don’t forget to try out the beanbag toss, ping pong table, and shuffleboard. The Park and the Beerhaus are popular spots for concerts and live music, so be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming events at The Park Vegas.

Fremont – Gold Spike Hotel

For Vegas locals, the strip can get expensive and dull. So if they just want to throw on something casual and still have a splendid time, locals often go to the Gold Spike Playground. There you can enjoy over-sized game such as giant beer pong, giant chess, giant Jenga, etc. They also have arcade games, and each month, they unveil new games for visitors to try. Kick off your heels and put on something casual–this is the place to relax and play some giant sized games.

Free Things To Do in Las Vegas: Let’s Get Artsy

Seven Magic Mountains Exhibit Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains 

The Seven Magic Mountain exhibit is an art installation by Ugo Rondinone located about ten miles south of Las Vegas. The exhibit opened in May 2016 and will remain free and open to the public until the end of 2021. Be sure to read more about Seven Magic Mountains before your visit!When colorful rocks are stacked together, you get the perfect Instagram picture.

Instagram Pose at Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas

Just me being hella extra

Local Art Galleries on the Strip

While you are strolling through the Strip, be sure to check out local art galleries. Unlike museums, which charge an expensive entry fee, these galleries are free (and a welcome relief from the Vegas heat!).

Aria Art Gallery Row

Next to the Aria hotel, you’ll find about 4-5 art galleries, which is why this area is called the Aria Art Gallery Row. Most of the galleries are focused on modern art (Elena Bulatova Fine Art), sculptures (Richard Macdonald), and glass art (Chihuly). 
Aria Art Gallery Row - Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

The Palazzo

Art galleries in the Palazzo are focused on landscape photography and creative paintings. I suggest checking out Animazing Gallery (creative painting), Peter Lik Gallery (landscapes), and William Carr Gallery (landscapes).

More Local Art in the Fremont District

Next to the Vegas Strip, the Fremont District is one of the best places to find free things to do in Las Vegas, especially if you like art.

Las Vegas spray paint artist Tony Vegas at work in the Fremont District

Local Spray Paint Artist Tony Vegas

Tony has a little station in the middle of the Fremont strip, you can’t miss it. You might pass by thinking he is just another painter, but he doesn’t paint with brushes. Instead, he uses cans of spray paints, tissue paper, knives, and a sponge for blending. Each piece takes around 8 minutes to complete, so you can easily watch him create an entire work while you wait. After standing there admiring his work, I decided to purchase my very first art work (pictured below). To see more of his work, check out the Tony Vegas artist page on Fine Art America’s website.

Painting of the moon by spray paint artist Tony Vegas
Fremont Street Art

Take a drive down Fremont road and you will find a range of interesting sculptures such as the one below. If you can, try find the giant yellow fire hydrant!

Giant blue truck sculpture along Freemont Road

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Free Activities in Las Vegas: Let’s Go to Chapels!

Do you remember when Ross and Rachel got drunk and got married in Vegas? Apparently this is actually impossible in real life. Getting married in Vegas is just like getting married anywhere else in the United States–you cannot get married drunk, it’s the law! When you go to a chapel you do need to schedule and plan your wedding, even when it is a last minute decision! Hey, maybe you can crash a wedding or two when you’re in Vegas. Or just marry yourself!

Posing with flowers in a wedding chapel

Free Things To Do in Las Vegas: Pose in Front of the Vegas Sign

Selfie with the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Taking selfies is the ultimate free activity for solo travelers in Las Vegas. Be sure to snap a pic at the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign!

Crowd around the Las Vegas sign

Apparently, everyone and everyone’s mom is trying to take a picture in front of it, so you might have to wait to get a good pic. It is just one of those “should probably do it” kinds of thing. If you are not buying a physical souvenir, this photo op might be just the right substitute to help you remember your trip.

**By now you are probably done with walking because the Vegas heat is making your skin shed and crumble. Take the Monorail Line from Monte Carlo to Bellagio (it goes through the Cosmopolitan and Crystal City Center)!

Free Activities in Las Vegas: Hotel Lobby Tour

Take yourself on a tour of the fanciest hotel lobbies in Vegas completely free. First stop? The Bellagio.

Bellagio Hotel Flower Conservatory

Bellagio Hotel flower conservatory

This place has never failed to surprise me, and every year the decorations are different. Because the designers use fresh flowers to create designs on large sculptures, I have to say that Bellagio is the best-smelling hotel in all of Las Vegas. While some Vegas hotels smell like funky sewage and smoke, when you walk into the Bellagio Hotel Flower Conservatory, you are greeted by the natural, sweet, and fresh scent of flowers.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel

It was very strange to see pink flamingos just hanging out in a Vegas hotel in the middle of a desert. Vegas tries really hard to trick its visitors into thinking that hey! We are not in a desert at all! This was my first time being so up close and personal with flamingos. Mentally, it was hard to get over seeing such strange and elegant creatures in such an odd environment. If you have never seen pink flamingos, this is a great time to do it. Best of all, visiting the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino is completely free!

The Palazzo

The Palazzo is a must-see on a tour of hotel lobbies in Vegas. I personally love the blue and white design of the lobby it matches very much with the overall theme of the hotel: elegance.

Tropical Rain Forest at the Mirage Hotel and Casino

If you are done with the Vegas heat, then take a quick walk through the rain forest at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Enjoy that refreshing, air-conditioned air! 

Tropical rain forest in the Mirage Hotel and Casino

Enjoy these free Las Vegas attractions, you know your wallet will thank you!

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