Coffee and Cats

*This is not about cats that poop out delicious coffee!!

– The preface of my Hawaii travel series Coffee and Cats
– A dear dairy of my 2 months stay on the Big Island, Hawaii
– A city girl going through her so called transformation in the Kona coffee farm
– Well, more like hanging out with cats
– and learning her way around a kitchen
– Okkkey enough sub-titles

Aloha from Hawaii! (I can already feel the jealous eye-rolls and shades throwing at my way). Don’t worry! My life is not just about sun-kissed tan and shirtless surf boys. I am currently volunteering at a coffee farm through this website called Workaway. This website connects volunteers with hosts around the world. Volunteers can stay with the locals and help out for few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation. Volunteer term can last from few days to few months. This is a great cultural learning opportunity and you can make an impact on the community you are visiting.

Now back to me! Why did I pick Hawaii? I mean it is Hawaii, not really the hardest decision to make. But I do have 3 major reasons:

I see these 2 months as a personal skill growth opportunity, or my stamp card to achieve the true Seattle coffee snob gold status. 3 years ago I was a passive coffee drinker; a year ago I was a shitty coffee maker; but now I am a humble semi-coffee farmer. I want to know the life of a coffee bean. I want to appreciate the taste of coffee instead of see it as a beverage that will get me through the day and makes me pee a lot.

For the people on the main land, Hawaii has always been viewed as the dream honeymoon location. The place that will make you want to wear a coconut bra in public and hula your way around the town. Simply put – a beautiful paradise. Not to break apart this idealized image of Hawaii, but I do feel like there is more to this place than just an island where you get the temporary Aloha Spirit. I want to disguise myself with a great tan in order to mingle among the locals, and see the island from their point of views.

Food in general is the foundation of my existence. Can I learn how to make the Kalua Pork and Macaroni salad that have been my comfort food ever since college? Can I make a Spam Musubi with avocado, bacon and egg? Can I make the bomb diggity Macadamia chocolate chip cookies? YAS YAS AND YAAAAAAAS. I am here to learn, to eat and to have multiple food babies.

Before I start writing new travel stories about Hawaii, it is crucial for yall to meet all the people & fur animals I have to deal with everryday. With 17 cats, 2 dogs, multiple humans, life can be challenging.

Now present to you Mama’s Kona Coffee Farm
– This is not your typical family. It is made up with dream chasers, free-spirit travelers, animal lovers, happy wonders, and all kind of fluffiness all day everrrday.

Mama and Moms (Lily and Michelle)

Mama and Moms (Lily and Michelle)

The CATS (Click on the image to enlarge)
*Lily and Michelle do not own these cats (except Anu & Scamper)
Kittens pictures can’t stop and wont stop here, I will make sure to spread them in all future Hawaii related posts.



Now you have got a semi-preview of the family tree, stay tuned for my Hawaii adventures!