Top 10 Best Road Trip Podcasts to Keep You Awake on Long Drives

Stories help keep me awake on the road, which is why I love listening to podcasts when I travel. I especially love the kind that bring you to the edge of your driver’s seat or make you pee a little because you’re laughing so hard. From comedy to motivation, here are my top 10 best road trip podcasts that will get you through the long drives.

Best Comedy Podcasts for Road Trips

Comedy is a MUST-HAVE on the road, which is why over half of my favorite podcasts for road trips fall into this category. 
Bedtime Stories for Cynics
Are you all tucked into bed? No? That’s alright, you’re driving! Let’s all snuggle up with the steering wheel while we listen to some inappropriate bedtime stories. Each episode features a different comedian, but I highly recommend the one with Nick Offerman. Listen to a short excerpt below!

Barely Friending
What happens when two comedians who happen to be ex-lovers start a podcast? Comedy gold happens. Their episodes got me through the endless highways of North and South Dakota; along the way, I learned quite a lot about relationships and mental health. Double Gold.



Guys We Fucked
The title says it all. Sex liberating STORY TIME!!





Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is like a humorous live radio talks show meets crossword puzzle meets news quiz show with famous people. This is one of the best road trip podcasts because it keeps me engaged and awake at least 80% of the time. If you are ever in Chicago, try to see a live taping of this show–you might meet someone famous!


CC Comedy (Comedy Central)
Never miss a stand-up comedian’s show! Some episodes are actually in videos, but if you are in an area with wifi, you can listen to them while you drive.


Comedy Channels on Pandora or Spotify
If you run out of comedy podcasts for road trips, you can always search for any of your favorite comedians on Pandora or Spotify. These streaming services have short clips from many of their shows.

Best Motivational/Story Time Podcasts for Road Trips

Super Soul Conversation
We travel to reflect. Once in a while, it helps to have Oprah guide you through the process. I usually listen to this podcast once a week, but no more than two episodes a day. Things get too real, so I need to space it out.



Girlboss Radio
This podcast is hosted by the Sophia Amoruso, author of the bestselling book #Girlboss. In it, she interviews bad-ass women. This podcast makes me feel like I can take on anything.



Women on the Road
Part of the She Explores travel community, Women on the Road is a podcast that brings together women who are currently traveling. While on the road, the host Laura Hughes brings interviews to life with her own spin. I feel connected to the women interviewed on this podcast and learn road trip tips along the way.


This American Life
What you get to listen are high-quality journalism stories that focus on different themes and experiences. It is like a little movie theater in your radio box.

What are your favorite road trip podcasts? Do you have other tips for staying awake when on long solo drives? Let me know!

See you next week, but in the meantime, check out more solo female travel xinanigans on my blog!