5 Businesses That Are Supporting the Frontline Workers During COVID 19

With all of the chaos that is surrounding COVID-19, one of the things that are keeping society afloat is the amazing essential and frontline workers who work tirelessly to fight this pandemic. To say thank you, many businesses are offering supports to these wonderful people.

Free Online Art Classes for Helpers:

The power of art is one of the best things for relaxation and stress relief. Kirkland Arts Center, a nonprofit organization that strives to make art accessible for all, is giving out free online art classes to frontline workers throughout their Spring Quarter.

Free Meals for Healthcare Workers:

With many restaurants being closed, cooking your own meals has become a must for many families. For many nurses who work from day to night, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! This is why many restaurant chains have begun to provide free food for healthcare workers.

Free Coffee for Healthcare Workers:

There’s nothing like Starbucks Coffee on a groggy morning to cheer you up. Fortunately, they started an initiative where they give out free coffee to healthcare workers all the way until the end of May. So far, they have already given out millions of cups of coffee.

Insoles for Healthcare community

In these unpredictable times, Dr. Scholls, a foot care company, wanted to do everything they could to help out. They came up with a new initiative where they will donate 2,000,000 dollars worth of their comfy, custom fit insoles to frontline workers.

Free Vacations for Nurses:

The travel company CheapCaribbean is giving 50 3-Night free Mexico vacations to nominated nurses (for later)! They believe that what these workers truly need is some rest, and the best way to get rest is through a well-deserved relaxing vacation.